Banner Broken [Fixed]

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Banner Broken [Fixed]

Post by Nifster on Fri Jun 25, 2010 6:07 pm

EDIT 2: UNGH never mind. Seems like the damn host is down again. D: July 8, 2010.

EDIT: Banner has been fixed as of July 2, 2010.

The sever is down for the image rotation site (great timing) so I've removed it and put up the Sora banner on our own sever space. I'm currently too busy to figure out how to add the special script for random image rotation to the code so you're all going to have to deal with one banner for now. If someone wants to make an awesome banner, you are free to.

Banner size is: 800 x 155 pixels.

Obviously the coming of a new crop of members was so awesome it overloaded the random image server.

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