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--=={Forum Graphics Shop}==--
Welcome to .GEMINIS._//rising. forum graphic request shop.


--=={Opening Statement}==--

There are no active Request threads anymore, so I decided I would open shop as the generic option. In spirit of when I started trying to do GFX, the format is very similar to that of the defunct {NoStAilGiC Re:QuIeM} which Solace and myself had run long ago. Hopefully, this GFX shop will be more timely in its completion of tags.



If you are interested in joining me in requests, feel free to PM me with some of your stuff.
There's a high chance I'll add you to the roster.



One image per graphic
Use the supplied request format
Try and use a Decent Stock
Be Patient


--=={Staff Samples}==--



--=={Request form}==--

(post a link to an image remember good images make a better tag)
(either just your name or what you want written on it, don't make it a entire story)
(anything under or at 450 width and 150 height)
(just name who you'd like to make it, this is not always who will make it; more or less if more people work with meh)
Additional Notes:
(anything extra you might want to add)


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