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Welcome to the new forums!

Post by Nifster on Tue Dec 15, 2009 1:30 am

Welcoming Ceremony of Khatam

We have now opened our doors after just a hair under two days of intensive hard work. Trust me, the number of hours in that time was used to the fullest. This project was possible with much help from Abstractionist and ./Sythensia, friends you may recognize from that distant destined island we have slowly began to drift away from.

Khatam was born on Saturday, December 12th, at precisely 5:00 PM Eastern Time. We are here, to have fun. This forum was created in nearly the same image of one of our former places that inspired and held us together for years. Virtually no subject matter or form of discussion is prohibited by this forum other than the rules ingrained by FORUMOTION, our free and generous forum hosting service.

We wish to harbor a community that is fun to all users. Please, if there is any error on the forums or you would like to provide any suggestions at all, feel free to voice them and may that voice reach us. We are a new forum and wish to cater to many audiences including the niche ones. As a forum, we will dive many layers under that thick steel skin called the mainstream. We will share a variety of ideas to enrich this community. We know there is a strong RPG group that survives out there and if it is one thing we can reunite and make stronger, we will. We cannot do this without you. Khatam would like to keep the legacy of great role-players going as well as patching up those lost creative artisans. On top of this, we did not forget you other forumers. You are the neutralities that keep us together, enforce our bonds and look beyond the window frame in a different point of view.

While we may appear to launch in a tight-knit group, don't turn away, this is no clique we wish to bar from newcomers for they are all welcome. New life is what we need to always breathe in a great new generation. An old voice that doesn't listen to new notes is deaf, blind and absent of all other senses. No community can grow by always justifying older as always better. For even the great ancient Rome did not last forever. If you are unopen to change, you will surely crumble away as you cut off your veins from evolution. Things that cannot adapt and fail to evolve will have given it's own death sentence in its stagnant pool of deficiencies.

If we had a theme that we can describe ourselves, it would be all of us. We are the theme. We are united by this single string called Kingdom Hearts yet, we are people that are more than just defined by our love of it. Kingdom Hearts will forever stay in our fondest of memories. We are children that have stayed in each other's presence, whether close or somewhat distant, we have managed to stay together. But there is something more in all of us that holds us together than just Kingdom Hearts. We know there's more.

May there be many new precious memories to prosper from this place.

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