Khatam FAQ [Last Updated: Dec. 18, 2009]

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Khatam FAQ [Last Updated: Dec. 18, 2009]

Post by Nifster on Fri Dec 18, 2009 9:34 pm

Here I will place what will most likely become commonly asked questions on our boards unless this FAQ is implemented now. This FAQ will be updated periodically as new questions arise.

What is the meaning of "Khatam"?
The word simply means Final (part/portion)/ Conclusion/ End, etc. In languages including but not limited to Hindi and Arabic.

Why the name "Khatam"?
Originally, the name Khatam was chosen because it sounds cool, yet with further consideration on this being a less than satisfactory reason, we made up more lore. It is only fitting that we have something indirectly related to Kingdom Hearts. Named by fellow forum member, Abstractionist. You may have noticed that it carries the Kingdom Hearts' initials, "Kh". Khatam is perhaps the final saving grace of what once was a great community on KH-N, where most of us were formally from.

How do I turn email notifications off?
Unfortunately, this is a default user setting that admins cannot change on a forum-wide basis unless we go through everyone's Profiles and change them. You can easily turn off this feature by going to "Profile" at the top menu below the forum banner. Then proceed to the "Preferences" tab at the top. The 6th option says, "Always notify me of replies :". This setting is by default set to "Yes". Simply choose "No".

*Be careful though, as the forum can still send you emails regarding new Private Messages and what not. Other options that will send you email notifications under your Preferences include (you can set them all to "No" but we recommend you keep the "Allow newsletters :" kept at "Yes"):

    Allow members to contact me by email :

    Allow newsletters : Allow administrators of this forum to send me newsletters by email

    Warn me of PM from a PM mailing : Sending of an email whenever a private message from a PM mailing has been sent to you by the administrator of the forum or a moderator.

**Another important thing to note is, even after you've made these changes, you may still be receiving email notifications because of previous threads/topics you were automatically subscribed to. You can fix this by going to your "Profile" at the top menu under the banner and go over to the "Topic being watched" tab. There may be a list of topics you are watching or were automatically made to watch. You can select the ones you want to stop watching or hit "Mark all" to select every topic on the list. Then, simply hit the "Stop watching the selected topics" button near the bottom of the page and you should be rid of the email notifications you wish to no longer receive.


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