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Post by Volente on Mon Dec 21, 2009 3:45 am

-The other world-

"Hiya, Silk!"

Volente waved a stiff palm to his comrade, greeting the Orange Masque. It had been years since they last met, with this meeting just-scheduled in after they found each other on Twitter days ago. The former-Chief of Student Security concealed his glazed brown eyes behind violet tinted shades, masking a sense of tear-jerking joy.

His comrade stood there for a moment, examining the former-Chief.

It was all he would give her before making the first move.

As always, Volente carried with him a simple metal cane. Not that he was really crippled, but his illness made it feel so. Fatigue would often torment his will, and his legs were usually the first to commit treason in those cases. When he wasn't going noodle-leged, he'd use the cane for battles. Silk knew this well.

The Chief unsheathed a 28-inch double-edged blade, twirling it at the hilt as he boomeranged the scabbard towards his comrade.

"Think fast!"

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